I just had the best teeth cleaning/checkup of my life there. You have found a great hygienist. Not sure if that is still the name of that role any more. But she was courteous, asked me questions about my previous cleanings and was sensitive to it, then adapted her style based on my response. I had zero discomfort. Most just do what they were trained to do without any thought of the patient. You found a good employee. Good work. I hope to see her again. Just wanted to let you know.
- Chris H. Google Review

I’m not one to do reviews. But these people are genuinely amazing. They care about your teeth and you wellbeing. I wish more businesses and their employees were like them. I am truly grateful for them all. Thank You !
- Kathi Conforti Google Review

If I had the option to give 10/5 stars, I certainly would.
This is has to be the most professional and kind establishment I've ever been to! 
- Idriz Idrizi Google Review

I went to Dr.Turley for an implant and crown on one of my cental incisors. Dr. Turley and his staff were great. Dr. Turley treated me with the care, skill, and judgment of an expert in his field of restorative and cosmetic dentistry. As a retired dentist myself I realize how difficult it is to match a single front crown to your existing teeth since that is what everyone will see when you smile and even the slightest shade difference is very noticeable. The crown Dr. Turley placed looks very natural and blends in perfectly. I would highly recommend Dr. Turley and his office to anyone who wants exceptional dentistry.
- Mike LaFratta Google Review

My family and I have been visiting Dr. Brian at Smiles by Turley for the past 10 years. Brian’s staff is incredible. We always receive professional service and feel very welcome. Our three daughters have grown up with the Dental Staff and enjoy going to the dentist. They have no apprehension of dental visits, they think it’s fun! We are blessed to have found a great dentist office that takes pride in offering great dental care with a positive attitude. Even after moving approximately an hour away, we continue to travel to see Dr. Brian – he’s that good. Thank you for the awesome patient care, we would recommend anyone to see Dr. Brian and Staff!
- Chris Haase Google Review

Amazing!!! I came to Dr. Turley for an invisalign treatment, and he has been an absolutely wonderful dentist. My teeth aren't perfect (ok, that's a given), and he was so patient and honest in presenting me with options without making me ever feel like I needed to fix every little thing! I have a veneer over a single front tooth, which makes things a bit challenging when trying to get a "perfect" smile. He really took the time to explain what my options were and come up with the best long-term solution for me (in this case, we are starting with invisalign and will assess whether I want to change my veneer later on). I really appreciate his honesty and attention to detail while still making me feel great about my smile. Would absolutely recommend! Also, the staff and hygienists are so friendly and helpful! They are really knowledgeable -- I love going there!
- Emily Swenson Google Review

needed a place to shadow for school and they were the first to answer which made me happy because I really wanted to shadow there. From the minute I walked in the door to the time I left everyone was so friendly. They took the time to explain and show me what they were doing. I even got to help with a couple of things! Thanks everyone!
- Tara B. Facebook Review

I have gone to Dr. Turley for years. With TMJ, gag, and territorial tongue, I *hate* going to the dentist but they put me at ease every time and took extra care of my "special" issue. He and his staff are friendly, considerate, and very professional. while being very fun too! When he got the panoramic X-ray machine I told him I'd never leave. Even when I moved to Florida, I thought I'd fly back for appts! I'm starting to go to another practice here after waking up with a toothache, but Teri was great in sending my records to the new doctor and everyone wished me well in my new endeavors. I love and miss you all! Anytime you're Florida, you're all welcome to visit and I'll hook you up at Disneyworld!
- Kati H. Facebook Review

Dr. Turley, Katie, Angela and all of his staff have gone above and beyond to make what is dreaded into a whole lot more painless! I met Dr. Turley three days after my husband passed away when I showed up at his practice with my bridge work in my hand. He was patient, kind and made sure I was at ease and taken care of. Since then, I have trusted him - and only him - to finish working on my smile. Even being in the chair for hours, we can find something to laugh about.....awesome dental practice - even for those like me who dread the dentist.
- Mary Ann N. Facebook Review

They're so good with my kiddos and have taken care of us for many years. Top notch .
- Kim S. Facebook Review

Dr. Turley and his awesome staff, have done everything from taking out old silver fillings, root canal, caps, and fix a front chipped tooth!! Never Ever will I see another dentist. I have never felt better about seeing a dentist than i have since i have been going to Dr. Turley and his staff. They are professional, very caring and do awesome work no matter what you need, they will come up with the solution!! Even for chickens like i was ;) !!!!!!!!!
-Vicky M. Facebook Review

Dr. Turley and staff are excellent! I have been a patient for about 10 years and would highly recommend their office. I was very apprehensive when needed a cavity filled and Dr. Turley and assistant go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and at ease. The hygienists are wonderful and always know how you are feeling and always answer all your questions. My children don't ever worry about seeing the dentist, thanks to his facility. Would never imagine going to another dental office.
- Tammy C. HealthGrades Review

Choosing a dental office in the Fort Atkinson/Jefferson area can be confusing.  There are so many wonderful dentists in the area it can be hard to choose one!  I, like many people, have had to make choices based on a list that was dictated by my dental insurance.

I was a patient and started my long journey many, many years ago with a treatment plan at Smiles by Turley.  There was a LOT of work to be done.  I never once felt embarrassed or ashamed.  I never felt pressured and the office worked with me to schedule procedures as I could afford them based on the priority and severity.  Over the course of about a year or so I had a variety of procedures, including but not limited to: root canals, surgical extraction, bone graft, cosmetic bonding,
crowns and fillings. The crowns that I did receive from Turley's office are to this day the most beautiful crowns in my mouth! :)  Dr. Turley does amazing cosmetic work as well.  He did a beautiful job with bonding my front teeth to close the gap.  I'm pretty sure he had fun and enjoyed doing it as much as I was amazed with his work.  I also had a cracked root requiring surgical removal of the tooth/root and a bone graft.  That too was done in office at Smiles by Turley and was surprisingly pain free.

Unfortunately, my employer at the time made some changes to our Dental Insurance provider and Smiles by Turley was no longer a dentist within my network.  I didn't have a hard time finding a wonderful dentist in the area that WAS in my network, but if I was given the choice I would have stayed with Smiles by Turley.  The staff, as well as Dr. Turley himself, are nothing short of amazing.

I am happy to say that I no longer carry dental insurance and the first thing on my list was to call up Smiles by Turley to schedule an exam and a cleaning:)  Was there something wrong with the dentist I have had for the past 5 years?  Absolutely not!  Why did I go back to Smiles by Turley?  Besides the amazing talent in that building that I have full confidence in from the front office to the hygienists to the dental assistants, Dr. Turley is capable of doing procedures that no dentist in the area can do in office.  Why go to a dentist who will refer you to an Endodontist or an Orthodontist when you can go to your family dentist for everything?

I'm very happy to be a patient again at Smiles by Turley and look forward to my next visit.
Thank you!

- Rebecca S. Yelp Review

What a terrific experience.  Dr. Turley walked me through each step of the process associated with my crown and when the parts came in did additional research on his own to make sure they fit with my existing implant. Him and all of the staff at Smiles are as welcoming as can be...can't say enough kind words about them all.
- Stephen P. Yelp Review

I went to my previous dentist for 42 years; my father before he retired. I was resolved to the fact that I would have trust issues with all future dentists and not be satisfied with my care......Dr. Turley and his staff proved me wrong. Everyone at "Smiles" is very caring and at the top of their respective field. I do miss looking at fish on the wall, but I trust "Smiles by Turley" to take care of our dental needs.
- Erich U. Google Review

Going to the dentist for me is a destination, I love driving to Jefferson to see my "dental family" everyone is so extremely wonderful. From the minute you walk in, the reception staff makes you feel so welcome. And who loves to get their teeth cleaned...I do, both of the hygienist are just great . Both are genuinely interested your dental health, offering suggestions and giving samples of new products. Oh I forgot " cleaning my teeth to perfection" All of the dental assistants go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and are real professionals, assisting Dr. Brian. Then there is Doctor Brian, he has been my dentist for over 25 years! He has taken care of me forever. I get so many compliments on my crowns, people can't believe I have crowns, my teeth looks so natural. I forgot to say how gentle he is! Thanks again, Smiles By Turley, it is easy to smile when your dentist and his staff take such good care of you, they are all so great!!
-Diana M. Google Review

The team @ Smiles By Turley is top notch! From scheduling to cleanings, as well as "drill-n-fill" and implants. They make sure to remind you of upcoming appointments, listen to you about your concerns, and best of all let you pick from all kinds of flavors of polish. Everyone who has been in my mouth has been gentle (that sounds weird, but it's true), and if there was a problem it was addressed immediately! When I said "team", let's call them "Team Turley" (maybe get jerseys for scrubs?)... it's important to note that they communicate and work very well with each other and always have the patients best interest at heart.

I truly mean it about the listening. After my first appointment, there was a sit-down meeting in Brian's office where he told me what was up with my "oral state". He then laid out the options. I told him my fears, hopes, and dreams. I know he listened and communicated what I told him because both he and his staff have allayed my fears, bolstered my hopes and made a few dreams comes true and continue to with each appointment!

One final point:

I went to Smiles By Turley after I had a 10 year break from going to the dentist, as I hated the pain I associated with it. My teeth and gums were in horrible shape and I was in pain. Today, my teeth and gums are great and I couldn't be happier with the service I get each and every appointment!
-Ben S. Google Review

I am a very dental phobic person. I have never had a bad dental experience but I am always freaked out when I have to go to the dentist. Dr. Turley and his staff are AWESOME. They make me feel at home. While I still cringe each time I go to the dentist, it gets easier each time as they always make me feel at ease.
- Lara P. Google Review

I have been coming to see Dr. Turley since he opened his practice in Jefferson. The staff are like family. You are teamed up with the same staff member for every visit so you get to be very comfortable in the chair.
I have experienced Dr. Turley and staff improve their skills and update their equipment to make my visit profession and at the same time enjoyable. Come see them.

- William B. Google Review

I just can't say enough about the staff at Smiles By Turley! They are not only extremely friendly and accommodating to the various needs and ages of their patients, but words can't begin to express their high level of competence in the dental and orthodontics field. In addition, I am highly impressed with their upmost honesty and integrity when conducting their business/practice. My husband and I have six children and we would NEVER consider going anywhere else for our dental and orthodontics needs. Thank you Dr. Brian Turley and the entire staff for all that you have done for me and my entire family! It would be a vast understatement to say that you have blessed us in countless ways!
- Jill N. Google Review

I've come here for a lot of dental work such as wisdom teeth removal, a root canal, and Invisalign. You can tell that Dr. Turley and the staff take great pride in their work and want you to leave satisfied. They make coming to the dentist a more enjoyable experience.
- Sara M. Google Review

Nobody actually loves going to the dentist. I can honestly say after many years of being Dr. Turley's patient, along with my husband, I don't mind going to see a dentist anymore! I still remember the first time i went in for my consultation. Dr. Turley took his time, we went through my past experience with dentists, what i expected of him, he took his time and really listened. He also found out what a big chicken i was ;) lolol . Dr. Turley and his girls are professional, caring, and can't say anything short of awesome people. Trust me when i can say you will not find a better dentist and staff to take care of your family. If i could go higher than five stars, you bet i would. They all go above and beyond the call of duty . I highly highly have recommended him to people and will continue to do so.
- Vicky M. Google Review

I have a porcelain onlay that is beautiful and looks just like my natural tooth. His work is superior and I would highly recommend this practice. Very comfortable and friendly atmosphere!
- Terri P. Google Review

Dr. Turley and his staff are very professional and knowledgeable. The office and rooms are very clean and inviting.
- Katie S. Google Review